ClearVoice Interviews Michael Dermer on How to Grow Your Freelancing Rates

Freelancing can be considered an essential step to an entrepreneur’s journey. You have to learn how to find clients, talk to them and get them to pay you. You have to learn how to develop skills and ideas and test them in the marketplace. And freelancing is great, because for all intents and purposes, you can get started immediately. Every freelancer thinks about their overall rates and wonders if the writer next door is able to get more from an editor or a client. Perhaps you consider consider yourself a full-time freelancer. Or perhaps rather a full-time entrepreneur. However the cookie crumbles, knowing when you’re due for increasing your rates, is paramount.

If you’re unsure how to know when it’s time to bargain for more, gain vital insight in this ClearVoice article by Lindsay Tigar, featuring insights from The Lonely Entrepreneur’s Founder & CEO, Michael Dermer.

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