We created The Lonely Entrepreneur to answer the question, why do so many with great ideas and passion struggle?

You now have one place for the knowledge, tools, guidance and support to turn your passion into success.

Why Listen to Us?

Our founder – Michael Dermer – didn’t create a company. He created an industry. Then he watched it almost get destroyed overnight. He not only survived but sold his company and is considered the pioneer of that industry. What he learned was priceless. Now The Lonely Entrepreneur team is committed to helping you learn from his experience and turn your passion into success.

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There are so many business and personal questions. Where do you go for answers?

How do I manage feeling overwhelmed?

How do I prioritize when everything is urgent?

Why do I need to find a playground where no one else is playing?

What are the five things every investor looks for?

How do I reduce the sales cycle?

How do I negotiate when I have no cards?

How do I compete when everyone has more money and resources?

How do I manage 100 hours of work and 10 hours of time?

How do I drive traffic to my web site when we all use the same tools?

How do I collect money from customers faster?

How much money should I raise?

How do I get a release from the pressure?

How do I protect my idea?

How do I manage the 4 Ps – Passion, Pressure, Pleasure and Pain?

What type of legal entity should I form?

What is a holiday?

How is the movie Apollo 13 the key to managing your day?

I’m working 24/7 so why does it feel like I’m spinning my wheels?

How do I help family and friends understand what it’s like?

How do I hire a digital marketing firm?

Why is doing everything yourself bad leadership?

Should I write a business plan?

How do I make sure I don’t make bad hires?

How do I build a real social media presence?

How much equity should my co-founders get?

How do I pick the right vendors?

Who should I trust?

How do I accomplish the things I don’t know how to do?

Is getting money from friends and family a good idea?

How do I turn my vision into a plan?

What is the right balance of ego and humility?

Do you know what it is like to sit in my shoes?

If I bring in investors, how do I make sure I stay in control?

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