It is time to change your perspective on business. It takes faith to reimagine the entrepreneurial journey! Lakewood Church and The Black Entrepreneur Initiative came together for Business Reimagined. People across the nation heard from successful Black entrepreneurs who gave insight to take your business to the next level.

At the Lonely Entrepreneur we are missioned to help people through the entrepreneurial struggle. Specifically in the black community there is a lack of resources surrounded by systemic pressures of the world we live in. It is our duty to create a space that empowers innovation by providing knowledge tools and ongoing support.

Saturday, March 21, 2021, pastors, organizations, and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss having faith in business. Michael Dermer expounded on how to bring your unique niche to the marketplace. He believes “Your ability to find a playground no one else is playing on, regardless if everyone using the same tools.” It will always be someone who may have more money to invest in their business. It will always be someone with more resources to be seen than you. Your unique know-how that separates you. J.K Rowling the author of Harry Porter was told no multiple times but it took on yes to make her a multimillionaire and best selling author.

 An ambassador of the Black Entrepreneur Initiative, Nolan McCant, layered the conversation. He discussed leaning into your passion and “creating your spin on your industry.” It is not blind faith, but as an entrepreneur, knowing there is always a way. to make things happen.

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