Who’s Buying What I’m Selling?

No one needs more irrelevant marketing messages in their life. To stand out amidst the noise in an era where marketers are creating custom content, it’s critical to invest in relevant information. In fact, a recent eMarketer study cited targeting content as a top priority for 47% of savvy companies. Developing a deep knowledge of your ideal customer, a concept known in the marketing realm as buyer persona profiling, is critical to increasing the relevance of your efforts.

“Decisions made without customer insights aren’t always sound, and a buyer persona based on personal opinion simply won’t advance your marketing game.”

A buyer persona (a.k.a customer avatar or customer persona) is the single most important factor for effective marketing. A buyer persona is a vibrant profile of your company’s ideal customer. This should capture the type of person with an incredible need for your product and a love for your company; who will remain a loyal client for years, and tell all of their friends about how remarkable you are. A buyer persona can help you identify the forms of messaging which will convert the right website visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

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