Healthy food and healthy food businesses are two different things. Toby Amidor gets tips from well-known entrepreneurs in the healthy eating arena including Rocco DiSpirito, Michael Dermer, Bill Telepan and Mitzi Dulen on how to create a healthy business.

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From entrepreneurs launching new healthy food products to food bloggers and vloggers broadcasting their healthy eating ideas to health coaches and healthy food consultants helping people make better eating choices, more and more people seem to be making a career out of healthy food. But while being an entrepreneur sounds sexy, it requires a different skill set than being a chef, dietitian or just a person who’s passionate about food and health.

Healthy food is one thing. But it is quite another to have a healthy food business. Six experts give you tips on how. Our tip:

Stand out from the crowd.

“In every field, there is fierce competition – and not just competition from across the street but across the world. So creating a successful business is not just about having a good product or service; it’s about standing out from the crowd. So how do you do that? You must find ‘playgrounds where no one else is playing.’ Find a niche, a food industry segment or approach that no one else is pursuing.

For example, if you create a healthy food protocol to be used in corporate wellness programs, there will be lots of competition. But if you create a healthy food protocol for corporate wellness programs with a focus on Hispanic and Indian workers, that would be an untapped niche. We all have great passion for healthy food and great skills, but we need tap into our entrepreneurial creativity to come up with these ‘playgrounds where no one else is playing.” Turning healthy food into healthy food businesses requires you to stand out from the crowd.

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