How Do I Occupy My Customers’ Minds?

You have to occupy a different place in the customer’s mind. When they think of you, you want them to think about you differently than others. With all of the products and services customers see, you can’t cut through the clutter unless you occupy a different place in your customer’s head.

“When they think of you, you want them to think about you differently than others. “

Demonstrate an Intelligence That Can Only Come from You. You must show customers that you bring a know-how that only comes from truly having insight. If you have spent time in an arena, you know the ins and outs. Show them how your experience brings them insight they could not have without you. Have that come to life.

Prove to Them You Are Thinking About Their Business – Not about Your Sale. This means that you are thinking about helping them solve their problems – not in selling them something – and in doing so you will become a trusted advisor

Tell Them What They Need – Whether They Buy it from You or Build it Themselves. Laying out what customers need – and communicating that this is the solution they need regardless of where they get the solution – shows you know how to make customer successful. A great way to do this is to create a standard Request for Proposal – basically the set of questions that they should be asking every potential vendor.

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