You Are Always On Stage

 It’s quite common for the entrepreneur to wonder if anyone will ever notice you or what you’re doing. Since we’re of the mindset that nobody’s paying attention anyway, we assume it’s ok to act as if no one is ever really watching. It’s a trap, don’t fall for it, because you are always on stage and your every action, interaction and reaction is being scrutinized and analyzed by every constituent of the company.

“You are always onstage as a leader” 

Employees are Watching

This is also true with employees. Employees are watching your capabilities, temperament and daily behavior:

  • Do you look tired?
  • Do you yell?
  • Do you slam the phone?
  • Do you insult employees?
  • Do you say hello when you walk past someone?
  • Do you introduce yourself to new employees?
  • Are you late to meetings?
  • Do you favor certain employees over others?
  • Do you welcome feedback and criticism?
  • Do you talk negatively about team members, customer or employees?
  • Do you insult former employees?
  • Do you say one thing in public and another in private?
  • Are you trustworthy?
  • Did you cheat at cards?
  • Do you dress well?
  • What time do you get to work?
  • What time you leave?
  • Do you act as if you know it all or are constantly learning?

When you are busy running the business, you do not spend much time thinking about how you appear to people. You are focused on the tasks at hand. You may be running around with your hair messed up, your shoes untied, and the buttons on your shirt buttoned wrong.

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