Your Problems Are the Same as Every Entrepreneur’s

How often do you think to yourself – no one can understand our challenges because they are so unique to your business. People say they have been through our problems but what we are doing is unique. We can’t possibly have the same problems. This is what happens when we confuse our passion for their business with the notion that these problems exist for virtually all entrepreneurs.Entrepreneurs have to be able to separate their vision, product, or service, and the entrepreneurial experience of building it.

“Your problems are not unique.” 

The Implications Of Thinking Your Problems Are Unique

When entrepreneurs believe their issues are unique, they shun support and direction from experienced business people offering valuable advice. They believe they are operating under a different set of parameters. As a result, they isolate themselves and hunker down in their perspective. It’s a bunker mentality. As more people try to help, they feel more isolated and hunker down further.

What keeps running through the entrepreneur’s head is, “Unless you are here every day, you can’t understand our issues.” It’s true—people who have only worked in larger organizations or have not put their money, career and lifestyle on the line may not understand what the entrepreneur goes through on a daily basis. Yet, responding with a bunker mentality or defensive attitude prevents you from taking advantage of established tools, business principles, guidance from others and supportive mentor- ship. More importantly, your belief that no one understands your specific situation isolates both you and your team, not only from the knowledge of the larger business world, but of those in the entrepreneurial community.

The reality is, in fact, quite the contrary. There are many experienced entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that” and can lend valuable support. Other entrepreneurs also understand the natural insecurities that can take over, especially in the early chaos of launching your business. We are not insulting the uniqueness of your business. No one is questioning the dedication it takes. However, when it comes to accessing much needed resources and direction, defending your “difference” is not only incorrect, it is not in the best interest of your company.

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