To Send or Not to Send?

In the chaotic world of entrepreneurship, it is rare that entrepreneurs assess how they work, and how they organize and execute their days. We are often running from fire to fire and don’t think about the ways we can be more efficient, more balanced, more rested and more effective.
Here’s how we need to manage ourselves better and why:

“Take the time to think.” 

Never Send An Email After 10 p.m.

After a long day, our guard is down and our mind is not as sharp. We are careless, make mistakes, and let the pressures of the day impact our decision-making. We also tend to be reactionary and are more likely to get angry or frustrated. If you have something fresh in your head, write your email and stick it in your draft folder. Read it in the morning. Trust me, more often than not, you will say, “I’m glad I didn’t send that last night.” Emails to employees and other team members late at night also send a negative message. When we send emails to employees late at night, especially those that require follow-up or effort on their part, it makes them feel as if we don’t respect the time they put in or the time they need away from the business.

This lack of respect can undermine your culture. Not to mention that constantly being in a work state of mind hinders everyone’s performance. Many of the greatest mistakes have been made after 10 p.m. As the leader, we must demonstrate our respect for our team, and their individual lives and efforts, especially for those early team members who are putting in long hours and making their own sacrifices.

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