Avoid Doing This At All Costs

In the chaos of your venture, and when under the influence of the daily pressure, passion, pleasure and pain you often find yourself saying things, doing things and allowing things that would be taboo in a normal environment.
Many inappropriate things are said or done in the midst of the daily chaos. Our perspective is that they are “no big deal”. Anyone with some experience in the entrepreneurial world knows that it’s hard to be on your best behavior when you are reactive, time bankrupt, sleep deprived and feeling the pressure on a daily basis.

“This will impact your organization and employees” 

Making Exceptions for the CEO

One of the most damaging behaviors of a young company is demonstrating preferential treatment for its leader. When your team believes that your needs come first, or at their expense, or that the rank and file’s needs are less important than the needs of the leader, it creates an undercurrent of resentment at all levels of employment.

Similarly, when the rules apply to everyone but you, it sends the message that the CEO is above the law, and undermines the faith that you have the team’s best interests at heart. On the other hand, when the CEO is the first person on the team to hold themselves accountable, or to be accountable to others, it sends a message that everyone is in this together.

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