Why Do We Do It?

What’s It Like To Be an Entrepreneur

Happy New Year to all! We wanted to start off this year with back to basics and remind ourselves why we do what we do. Being an entrepreneur can be a deeply rewarding experience. We revel in the triumph, big or small, that comes after hours of practice, years of struggle and devotion to a craft. If you have experienced the feeling of hitting a baseball cleanly, you know there is nothing like it. It feels as if you didn’t even hit a ball. Your body feels drugged. It’s the satisfaction that comes from fighting for your dream. It’s the ballerina who spends countless hours on the plié, relevé, and sauté until her feet bleed and then nails her routine in a ballet performance in front of a packed house.

“There are few feelings like building something from nothing.” 

We’ve Been There and We Know The Feeling!

The same is true for the entrepreneur. There are few feelings like building something from nothing. All the hard work seems worthwhile when our vision comes to life. Most of us will never forget our first logo, office and investment. Our first customer. The first day we made a profit. When we served that first piece of pizza. When someone wore our jewelry. The first press we got—it might have been a mention in the St. Lance Gazette with a circulation of 1,000, but it still felt great. Once we become the entrepreneur, there is a transformation that subsumes all that we do. It doesn’t matter whether you are designing jewelry, building a new app, starting a catering business, opening a restaurant, or creating a healthcare company. You might be an innovator in the new sharing economy with a business on Uber, Etsy, Airbnb, or TaskRabbit. Whatever you’re doing—if you’re an entrepreneur—it is an obsession.

If we didn’t live – we wouldn’t be talking about it. We’ve been there and learned a few (maybe thousands) of things along the way and want to help you succeed!

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