Community Management on Social Media

It’s widely understood that social media marketing is critical to the success of a growing business these days. However, it’s important to make a distinction between social media marketing and community management – despite some overlap, these are two very different and distinct concepts: if you’re going to be effective in either one, you will need to understand their differences.

Aside from simply making posts and creating content on social media, community management on social media involves the process of advocating a brand across social networks. A community manager for social media, for example, will create a consistent persona and company ‘voice’, actively connecting with potential customers to boost awareness of the brand.

So, how do you effectively execute community management on social media?

“Utilize community management on social media to help grow your business.” 

Tactics to effectively execute community management on social media

  • Answer Questions – As more of your customer base (and potential customer base) participates on social networking platforms, small businesses must do far more than simply posting their own updates. Talking to and actively participating in online conversations with consumers builds brand awareness and loyalty. Be sure to answer back as quickly as possible: not only will this demonstrate excellent customer service, but it will also help to gain their trust.
  • Bring People to Your Website Through Social Media – Oftentimes as small businesses work to design their posts, profiles and build their social media platforms, the most important goal for initiating a social strategy is forgotten: to drive customers and prospects to your company’s website. Although very few customers will make a purchase the first time they visit a website, you’ve captured their attention – this must also be balanced with gaining their trust and convincing them that your product is a better investment than that of your competitor.
  • Cultivate Stories on How Customers Use Your Products and Services – Has a customer posted about your product or services? This is a massive compliment to any business, and one that you should acknowledge and utilize. Your small business should not only be sharing and reposting these social mentions, but your staff should be sharing customers’ photos and posts to demonstrate as your company’s ‘success stories’.
  • Elicit Responses – At this point, it should be quite apparent that engagement is critical on yo