What Speaking Negatively About Customers Does To Your Business

Speaking Negatively about Customers

When you or people in your organization say things like, “Our customers are clueless” or “We can sell that to them,” it sends a clear message not only of disrespect, but ignorance about the role customers play in your company’s success. If this is part of your dialogue, it is likely your business does not understand the central role that customers play in your success. If your perspective is anything other than creating success for your customer, you are likely to fail. When you think, “Our customers won’t care if we take a little shortcut” or “Our customer will not know the difference,” you have lost your way. That’s not to say that your customer knows best or is always right. However, if you come to work thinking that you are pulling the wool over their eyes, or not valuing their views, you won’t succeed.

“When your customers fail, you fail.” 

After all, it’s easier (and faster) to blame the customer for everything that is going wrong than to take a good, hard look at yourself, your product, your service and your people. In the early stages of your business, you will likely have customer issues, especially if you are creating something innovative. Your product or service will not perfectly fit the needs of the customer. Customers will not want to pay for what you perceive to be the value of your product or service. You may not have all the infrastructure to service your customers. These are all common customer issues of young companies.

Speaking of customers in a negative light also sends a message to your employees that it is acceptable to blame customers, instead of addressing the issue and troubleshooting a creative solution to problem. Crafting new solutions not only strengthens your team’s ability to take responsibility and problem solve, but encourages stronger customer relationships—and your own success.

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