What Is The Entrepreneurial Struggle?

Our Perspective

In the midst of the struggle, it is our “perspective” on the business and personal issues we face that determines success or failure. With the wrong perspective, even the simplest of tasks seem impossible. But with the right perspective, solutions come to life for even the toughest of challenges. Same resources. Same obstacles. Different results.

“Struggle itself creates a number of damaging perspectives.” 

Things We Feel

I also discovered, through my own mistakes, that the struggle itself creates a number of damaging perspectives. Our perspectives are influenced by what I call the “Four Ps” of being the entrepreneur—Pressure, Passion, Pleasure and Pain. When we are under the influence of the Four Ps, we develop perspectives that stifle the advancement of our business. While it is natural to develop these perspectives, they blind us, obscure solutions and undermine our success.

Entrepreneurs not only develop these perspectives, but also fail to recognize when they are exhibiting them and take corrective action. Just try this—tell an entrepreneur to prioritize, to take a day off or to sleep more. Try telling an entrepreneur that they can’t do everything. Try telling an entrepreneur that they should listen to the seasoned executive that has never known what it’s like to miss payroll. You’ll definitely get a dirty look, or if you’re standing too close, something worse.

Once you’ve been there, the intelligence you now hold is priceless. We’ve been there, and want to help others with the struggle.

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