What does it mean to be a team? It means that you:

  • understand that you collectively have a greater obligation to employees, customers and investors
  • are willing to be candid with each other
  • are willing to hold each other accountable
  • are willing to jump in and help a teammate
  • are willing to challenge each other without liability
  • care about each other and the success of the company
  • take the time to know each other personally and care about their family and personal goals.

“Make this behavior part of your daily operating structure.” 

Teamwork requires a level of maturity in individual team members to put their egos and insecurities aside for the greater good. Challenge each other. Push each other. Help each other. Care about each other. Remember, teamwork does not develop overnight, but thinking about these things as you build your company can plant the seeds for developing a great team.

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