Presence-based leadership

Startups are fast-paced, high-pressure, cortisol-inducing environments. This makes them ripe for lots of miscommunication and misinterpretation — across all levels. Here are some of the most common communication problems we see. If we recognize when these are happening, we can take steps to employ the various communication techniques outlined in the Learning Community to improve communication.

Stop multi-tasking and practice presence-based leadership. You will notice an immediate difference in your relationships when people feel like you are tuned-in and actually hearing them. This means you must get comfortable with slowing down. Once you slow down to get on the same page, you can then speed up and move fast.

Also, try to catch yourself when your brain switches from listening to replying / interrupting mode. In doing so, you will literally train yourself to become a better listener. Per Covey, “Seek first to understand, then be understood.”

“We WILL be there with you every step of the way.” 

In addition, constantly be thinking about your “Questions to Statements Ratio” as you move through each day. Working to become a natural at socratic questioning will improve collaboration, engagement and innovation.

Lastly, think about the tools you are using to communicate. Are you relegating too many ideas, important discussions, and employee interactions to Slack? When it comes to important communications, speed and efficiency should never trump effectiveness.


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