Key Communication Skills

As an entrepreneur, you need lots of skills in your toolbox, from sales and marketing, to finance, leadership, administration, and more. However, one of the most important parts of running a business in any industry is communication.

Whether you need to convince investors of the merits of your idea, persuade customers to buy your products or services, or entice a top candidate to work for you, communication skills are vital to success in a number of ways.

“Body language says a lot without you saying a word.” 

Understand Body Language

You’ve probably heard a million times before that most of communication is actually nonverbal. However, how much time do you actually take to think about whether your body language is sending the message you want it to day in and day out?

Mastering your presentation in a nonverbal way is essential for entrepreneurs. With this you can:

  • Get across your meaning in the right way
  • Command a room when you want to
  • Persuade others
  • Show empathy, enthusiasm, displeasure, pride, thanks, respect, and attentiveness

There are plenty of blogs, books, courses, workshops, and other teaching aids out there that will help you to learn about, and practice, your nonverbal communication skills. Some of the basics to keep in mind, though, when interacting in business settings include:

    • Looking people in the eye
    • Keeping your hands out of your pockets or on your hips
    • Sitting and standing straight
    • Restraining yourself from fidgeting

Being able to communicate in different ways is a skill entrepreneurs must master.

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