Entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into reality. They create jobs and contribute to the economy but there are different types of entrepreneurs and each type tends to choose their own path based on their personality, abilities and surroundings.

The types of entrepreneurs vary depending on background, country and even sector but the 5 most common types are:

  • Innovators
  • Hustlers
  • Imitators
  • Researchers
  • Buyers

Each of these different types of entrepreneurs has their own rules for success in business but most entrepreneurs go through very similar struggles in terms of finance, marketing, people and even managing themselves. Because of this, we have created the Lonely Entrepreneur community to guide you with the coaching, knowledge, community, support, and tools you need to thrive. Start a free trial here.

If you ever wondered which qualities an entrepreneur needs in order to be successful we break down all the types and explain potentially which category you may fall into.

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

When we talked about entrepreneur characteristics in our previous post, we highlighted how entrepreneurs need passion, grit and a lot of self-confidence to be successful in business.

To be a successful entrepreneur you also have to think differently and make the right decisions like knowing when and how to find business mentors, sell their products online, train your staff and communicate effectively.

Understanding which type of entrepreneur you are – and are not – can often lend insight into the things you will be good at, not good at and how to bring your idea to life.

Types of entrepreneurs

The 5 Types of Entrepreneurs

Let’s take a look at some different types of entrepreneurs, their roles, and how each type affects the success of the business:

1. Innovators

Innovators are the types of entrepreneurs who come up with completely new ideas and turn them into viable businesses.

In most cases, these entrepreneurs change the way people think about and do things. Such entrepreneurs tend to be extremely passionate and obsessive, deriving their motivation from the unique nature of their business idea.

Innovative entrepreneurs also find new ways to market their products by choosing product differentiation strategies that make their company stand out from the crowd. And sometimes it is not just standing out from the crowd but actually creating a new crowd.

To say that innovators like Steve Jobs, Larry Page of Google and Microsoft founder Bill Gates were obsessed with their business would be an understatement.

Advantages of Being An Innovate Entrepreneur:

  • Get all the glory for the success of the business (and take all the arrows)
  • Create the rules
  • Face minimal competition during the initial days

Disadvantages of Being An Innovate Entrepreneur:

  • You will need a lot of capital to bring a new idea to life
  • Often face resistance from shareholders
  • The timeframe for success is longer

The ability of an innovative entrepreneur to envision a new way of thinking makes them stand out from the crowd and wildly successful in many cases however it takes significant capital, patience and commitment to bring true innovation to life.

2. The Hustler Entrepreneur

Unlike innovators whose vision is the gas in their engine, hustlers just work harder and are willing to get their hands dirty.  Hustlers often start small and think about effort – as opposed to raising capital to grow their businesses. These types of entrepreneurs focus on starting small with the goal of becoming bigger in the future.

Hustlers are motivated by their dreams and will work extremely hard to achieve them. They tend to be very focused and will get rid of all forms of distractions, favoring risks over short-term comfort.

A perfect example of a hustler is Mark Cuban. He started in business very young selling trash bags, newspapers and even postage stamps and this hustle later created a goldmine which was acquired by internet giant Yahoo!

Advantages of Being A Hustler

  • They will outwork most
  • Tend to have thick skin – they don’t give up easily
  • See disappointment and rejection as just a step in the process

Disadvantages of Being A Hustler

  • Usually prone to burn out
  • Wear out their team members who don’t have the same work ethic
  • Often don’t see the value of raising capital as opposed to just working harder

Even though many hustlers never give up, a lot of them are willing to try anything to succeed which unfortunately means that they have a lot of hits and misses. Achieving their dreams takes a lot longer than most other types of entrepreneurs.

3. Imitators

Imitators are the types of entrepreneurs who copy certain business ideas and improve upon them. They are always looking for ways to make a particular product better so as to gain an upper hand in the market.

Imitators are part innovators and part hustlers who don’t stick to the terms set by other people and have a lot of self-confidence.

Advantages of Imitators

  • Refining a business idea is eas