You need more for less.

Your employees are uncertain. You need to talk to them about their need to focus but always with empathy. In these dramatic times. you need the best of your scarce resources. Employees will have to be at their best. At the same time, employees are dealing with a level of uncertainty and concern about their health and their families that is unprecedented. So they need your best when it comes to how you communicate with them.

“We WILL get through this together.” 

  • Empathy: there is a lot going on in your business. We know. And sometimes we can forget the stresses that employees are under. When you talk to them, put yourself in their shoes. In every message you deliver, make sure you express your empathy for them. For example, if you have to make hard decisions about employees, make sure you express that even though these are financial situations, these are human beings and their families that are affected.
  • Focus: you need their effort laser focused on what needs to get done. Make sure you communicate that you expect and need that from them. No distractions. No politics. No bullshit. No drama.
  • Candor: there is no time to waste pulling punches. Everyone is in it together and the team must be candid about what is going on in your company to make sure you have the best chance of success.

Make sure you clearly communicate with your employees in this manner.

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