Surviving on Planet Investor: The Keys to Turning the Struggle of Raising Capital Into Success

An investor’s decision to invest will depend on your ability to communicate the business’ value, the opportunity the investment offers them, and your capability to effectively put their investment to work. Investors look for differentiated products and business models. They also carefully look at whether the people they entrust their capital have the skills to succeed.

Developing the skills to close an investment is key for every entrepreneur. You need basic skills even if you rely on outside help. The perspectives you develop will increase your knowledge, sophistication, and confidence in the process. Several different perspectives will help improve your chances of success. If you follow them, you give yourself a better chance to raise money and do so on your own terms.

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Let the business sell itself.
  • Proactively bring up, acknowledge and address weakness.
  • Messaging guidelines to build credibility
  •  Never act like you need money
  • Do not negotiate from a position weakness
  • Remember you are always onstage
  • Make investors put skin in the game

“We WILL be there with you every step of the way.” 

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