In this episode, Michael Dermer speaks to Scott Eddy, a top ten influencer in luxury travel, social media consultant, and entrepreneur. There are many different kinds of influencers depending which platform they are most popular on, for example vlog influencers and Facebook influencers, but with well over 1 million followers on Twitter, it’s safe to say that Scott knows where his audience are. However, it’s not always been an easy road for Scott. After the death of his father, Scott decided to pursue a career as a stockbroker, without any formal training or college education. Ten years as a broker was enough for Scott, so he packed his bags and moved to Thailand, where he started his digital agency during the beginning of the social media era. Bouncing between Asia and Europe for the next 17 years, Scott finally decided to bring his entrepreneurial spirit back to the states, where he now spends his days consulting, running his marketing agency, and traveling around the world.

Scott shares his views on:

  • The role of social media in entrepreneurship
  • Traveling the world
  • Building a brand from the ground up

Scott turned his struggle into success by employing perspectives that allowed him to differentiate his business from anything else on the market. In this episode, you will hear Scott explain his entrepreneurial perspective and how it helped him achieve success.

“If I do something, I do it 100mph. I’m all in or I don’t do it at all. If you’re half in anything then you’re going to fail.”

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Quotes of Note

  • Scott on risk-taking: “I don’t know finance, I don’t know stocks, I don’t know anything, and then I ended up being a stock broker for 10 years”
  • Scott on how finance prepared him for entrepreneurship: “The harder you work the more you make. It subliminally trains you to be an entrepreneur. “
  • Scott on traveling: “I went to Thailand for four weeks and after four days, said I’m never coming back”
  • Scott on hard work: “If I do something, I do it 100mph. I’m all in or I don’t do it at all. If you’re half in anything then you’re going to fail”
  • Scott on changing his perspective: “It was second nature to me because I didn’t look at it as a digital agency”
  • Scott on social media: “Audiences were becoming more and more important.”
  • Scott on the most common entrepreneurial mistakes: “An entrepreneur that doesn’t get social media, they don’t get the value of investing their time because they don’t see the ROI coming back tomorrow”
  • Scott on the long-term perspective: “You’re not building your company for tomorrow, you’re building it for long term value, so the short term ROI should not matter”

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