Quiet Your Gut And Focus On The Facts When It Comes To Hiring

Hiring Is A Game Changer

Your team is the most important asset you have, and yet, for many entrepreneurs with young companies, recruiting is the skill to which we devote the least time and discipline. Despite the research, tests and tools that sophisticated companies use to evaluate employees, many of us entrepreneurs think hiring is nothing more than using a little common sense and trusting your gut. For some reason, hiring is just one of those areas that we don’t identify with the need for expertise—just some good “people skills.”

“Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.”

Your Gut Feeling Is Simply Not Enough. EVER.

The entrepreneurial hiring process often consists of “I get a good feeling from this person. My gut tells me that they would be good to work with.” The first hires you make are some of the most important. When you do make the leap from it being just you (or you and a co-founder), getting that hire right can be the difference between unlocking your time and talent and weighing you down. And as you grow, it will be the talent you are able to bring in that will unlock the power of your vision. For some reason, even though we know the importance of hiring, we don’t treat it the way we treat other skills in our company. You wouldn’t sit down and start writing code, but for some reason we all have sat down and started hiring.

The resources that make your company grow and succeed are your people—especially your senior people. Hiring the right people is difficult to do in any business. In an entrepreneurial venture, it is even more challenging. But if you adopt the right perspective, it will become clear just how critically important hiring is. You’ll develop it as a specialized skill, and in doing so, approach building your team with the same purpose and care you devote to other key elements of your business. Every time I failed to prioritize this perspective, the mistake was obvious and far-reaching. But when I approached hiring and recruiting new team members with a deeper understanding of the purpose—and the painful consequences of getting it wrong—we advanced the business and strengthened our company culture. You can’t control everything, but this is one skill you can choose to improve and the results will be undeniable.

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