Quick and Easy Content Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business

Content Marketing Ideas

The fundamentals of marketing are the same from one business to the next. It is the ability to use our entrepreneurial creativity to generate great and differentiated content and messages that sets us apart.
In order to capture the greatest degree of prospect interest possible in your product or service, you’ve got to have something truly awesome to trade if you want consumers to interact with your brand. Even simple tasks such as getting consumers to join an email list has become difficult as consumers have become hyper-sensitive to being spammed.

“Content is a must have in today’s ever changing world.” 

Some Create Content Ideas:

  • Blog Bundles. Creating an in-depth eBook can sometimes be as simple as packaging several of your best-performing articles into a single document. Alternatively, use your blogs to create a training course that’s emailed daily to newly-converted leads.
  • Create a Deadly Sins List. Address the negativity bias in your content strategy by addressing the thing your prospects are really thinking about: what not to do. Whether you speak to best practices for purchase, or how to best use your prospect, taking a negative spin can result in an irresistible content offer.
  • Co-Branded Offers. Partner with a company that offers a complimentary product or service to collaboratively produce an eBook, presentation, or webinar. Depending on the strength of your relationship and their content strategy, you may even opt to promote the other company’s eBooks.
  • Competitive Comparisons. How does your product stack up against the competition? Comparison sheets have been a powerful sales tool for years. Provide an objective, step-by-step overview that delves a little deeper than price, and your content strategy lead generation could soar.

Having great content is a must have in today’s ever changing world. Some of these ideas will hopefully move your content ahead of your competition.

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