Everyone understands that entrepreneurial ventures don’t succeed, or exist, without hard work and dedication. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the needs and feelings of those struggling alongside you. If you dismiss your employees’ state of mind when you communicate or make decisions, you undermine your company’s strength, resilience and dedication to the business and its customers. You must respect the dedication it takes to do everything from the simplest daily task to the most complex business transaction. To do that, you have to be committed to knowing intimately how they feel and to demonstrating that knowledge through thoughtful action and encouragement. If you are thinking: “I don’t have time to worry about how people feel,” your employees are thinking, “does our leader really understand the sacrifice we are making?” That question is usually followed by, “I wonder if the sacrifice is worth it?” The effort and perspective of every single person matters. If your employees understand and more importantly feel that you as the leader actually care, they will work through any obstacles and fight for the success of the business along side with you. The organization cannot serve customers and its mission and make forward progress if its individual gears aren’t well oiled and given proper attention.

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