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We share the intelligence we have gleaned through our journey to entrepreneurs, companies and governments.

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Michael has been a keynote and featured speaker in over 100 events throughout the world. Michael brings the entrepreneurial spirit to life in an engaging exchange of perspectives with your audience. Audience members at Michael’s talks often remark that Michael says things that make it seem he is inside their heads. Well in many ways he is – as he relates his journey and the lessons he has learned and translates that into a compelling audience experience. Michael talks in his unique style about what it takes to be an entrepreneur to groups of entrepreneurs, innovators and companies looking to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit in their employees.  Michaels’ talks range from 60 minutes to two hours and, depending on the audience, covers the business and personal issues that all entrepreneurs face to be successful entrepreneurs.


As Michael often says, “passion, grit and good idea is not enough.” To be successful entrepreneur you have to improve specific skills you need to succeed. In Michael’s workshops, he works with groups ranging from a handful to several hundred to bring learnings about the business and personal issues all entrepreneurs face. Michaels’ workshops – which range from 60 minutes to multiple days – have been described as “an intense combination of the mindsets and skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur.” In each forum, Michael not only conveys his deep experience but creates interactive dialogues with audience members to apply those learnings to their specific businesses and issues.


Organizations that thrive in the modern era must be able to tap into innovation and entrepreneurism within their corporate ranks. In today’s hypercompetitive world, companies that fail to do so risk enterprise value and revenue attrition at a rate never seen before.  But getting employees to “think like an entrepreneur” requires them to understand what that means and how to apply it to the daily jobs.  Marrying together the skills and mindsets of an entrepreneur with the status quo of a corporate environment is the key. Michael does this through workshops and training for companies looking to unlock the entrepreneurial skills and spirit in their workforces to remain competitive in today’s hyper-competitive world.


Coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners requires a combination of teaching the skills and mindsets entrepreneurs need and an intimate understanding of what it is like to sit in the entrepreneurs shoes. Michael has a unique understanding of both and bring this intelligence to clients in the form of Group Coaching and, for those serious entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level, Personal One on One Coaching.


Connecting with entrepreneurs is much more than offering them products and services. Michael has his finger on the pulse of what drives the entrepreneur and helps brands develop connections with entrepreneurs that help them turn into loyal customers.  This requires brands to convince entrepreneurs and small business owners that you know what is like to sit in their shoes and understand their specific business and personal issues – not that you can offer simply them products and services. Michael helps brands create this connection to drive revenue, customer acquisition and customer retention.


Entrepreneurism is the future for many countries. Michael and The Lonely Entrepreneur have been exposed to the entrepreneurial efforts of countries throughout the world. These experiences have provided them with a deep understanding of what governments must do to create an environment for entrepreneurs to thrive. Michael and his team advise governments and quasi-government agencies on the necessary elements of a successful entrepreneur ecosystem.

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