Make Them Earn Your Trust

Trust Must Be Earned

You do not earn someone’s trust because you do business with them. Someone does not earn your trust because they do business with you. You have to earn the trust of others and they have to earn your trust. This applies to everyone—investors, customers, employees, consultants, and vendors.

This is particularly important when it comes to investors. Trust doesn’t exist because someone invests in your company. You have to earn the trust of your investor. Your investor has to earn your trust. The priority should be that when the business thrives, investors and the entrepreneur win. Let’s not be naïve. For many investors, the priority is the best interest of the investor followed by what’s in the best interest of the business, and then finally, the entrepreneur. Often entrepreneurs treat investors like confidants and share many details that they should keep to themselves—including that their investment proposal is the only game in town. Building trust with an investor is critical but that trust must be earned.

“Make a clear distinction between the people that you do business with and those that you trust with your deepest, darkest secrets.”

What Should Make You Trust

We know you are seeking people to confide in. We know you want to be able to share information with the vendors, advisors, consultants and investors that help you grow your business. We know you want to believe that everyone you interact with will share your vision, have your best interests at heart and make the sacrifices it takes to make it happen. Don’t let these natural desires cloud your perspective. Regardless of your wants, trust must be earned. Do not trust someone because they write you a check or sign a contract. By the same token, no one should come to the table trusting you. Your perspective must allow you to come to the table with an open mind, but make sure before you confide in someone that they have earned the right. Make sure that people demonstrate the behavior and attitude that warrants your trust.

  • Have they demonstrated it over a period of time?
  • Have they made concessions to help you advance your business?
  • Have they gone out of their way to advance your business?
  • Have they had your back in a sticky situation?

Try to be objective and start from the basic premise that they must earn your trust before you start openly sharing. 

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