No One Cares As Much As You Do

Being an entrepreneur is not a job, it’s an identity. Our very existence for the most part lies in bringing our vision to life. We live, breathe and obsess over every detail of the business 24/7. It’s our baby. Our business and personal life becomes one life. A problem develops, however, when we have the expectation that anyone associated with our venture wakes up with the same visceral desire to see it come to fruition as we do.

“No one out there cares as much as we do.” 

What You Need to Do

The sooner we accept that there is no one out there who cares as much as we do, the better off we will be. It is our perspective that is off, not theirs. This flawed perspective can be detrimental to team members, and other resources, who are working hard, and still criticized for not being committed. Telling someone who has just worked a long day or a weekend that they aren’t committed enough is a great way to turn them into an ex-employee. Our entrepreneurial passion can blind us to negative and inefficient perspectives, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be proud of our passion. We just need to recognize how it works and how it affects others.

Not everyone has what it takes to bring the energy to create something from nothing. I always felt lucky not only that I stumbled onto something that might turn into a good business, but that I was working on my passion every day. People will say to you, “Work is fine but it’s not like I wake up passionate about credit card marketing. I wish I woke up every day working on something I really believed in.” We are lucky to have found our idea or our vision. We are lucky to have that glow in our eye. What goes with that is the reality that no one will care about it as much as you do.

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