Know When To Ask For Help

You Simply Can’t Do Everything

As entrepreneurs we all have things we would be happy to work on 24/7 and things we’d love to avoid doing if we can help it. The things that we’d rather not do, often take up a lot of our precious time because we drag it out either because we’re not exactly sure of how to do it or we just really don’t want to do them. 

Identifying where your skills can be supplemented or complemented can quickly accelerate your company’s growth. Once you recognize these areas, you can plan accordingly. Look for a variety of resources whose experience balances yours. Find support from specialists or those with extensive experience in an area you are lacking. Their ease and efficiency will translate into your own effectiveness. 

“Put your ego aside and acknowledge the things that you don’t do well.”

What Happens When You Attempt To Do Everything Yourself

Both of these activities—the ones you dread and the ones you are no good at—can have two negative lasting effects.

  • Drain Your Energy. First, they drain your energy. Entrepreneurs tend to feel overwhelmed when they are working on these activities—much more than when they are working on areas they love.
  • They Stunt Progress. Second, they prevent important company functions from getting done. If the company needs to set priorities, and needs you to lead that effort, your lack of skill in a particular area not only exhausts you, but hinders the company when the task is not done well. Wouldn’t the business operate more efficiently if you steered clear of these activities?

Your perspective should be to try to minimize the things you don’t like and things you are not good at from your day. 

One of the skills of a leader is to understand your strengths and weaknesses and where to supplement your deficits with other’s skills. It is probably relatively easy to be honest about the parts of the business you don’t like. Less so in admitting the parts of the business you struggle with.

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