It’s Not What We Do – It’s Who We Are!

It’s Not Just a Job. It Is An Identity

Entrepreneurism is like oxygen. It’s not optional. Once you have an idea, you need it to breathe. Once you have that vision, it’s a drug that seethes through your blood every day. We say things to ourselves like, “What was I doing with my life before I came across this?” It may seem melodramatic, but not to those with a vision. There is nothing like it. And once you’ve experienced it, there’s no going back.

“There are few feelings like building something from nothing.” 

Passion, Vision, Dreams, Reality

Once we have this idea, we become obsessed. All of our time is spent thinking about it – how to develop it, grow it into a business and be successful at it. Many entrepreneurs will give up stable jobs, steady paychecks, the comfort of a ‘9-5’, invest all of their savings and jump head first into the unknown because this feeling that takes over becomes bigger than anything we’ve ever experienced. 

That was me. Successful M&A lawyer in a New York law firm, gave it all up one day to go and built a company the first of it’s kind to reward people for being healthy. A completely unknown concept at the time…the rest is history. To say we were in over our heads is an understatement. Check out our story here.

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