Michael Dermer from The Lonely Entrepreneur  Podcast interviews his cousin Ambassador Ron Dermer, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States. Ron explains how the struggle of Israel as a nation and the spirit of the Israeli population has led to a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Ron shares his view on:

  • How the constant struggle of Israel to survive as a nation had led to leadership in innovation and entrepreneurism
  • How the need to survive has spurred a culture of creativity, passion, “chutzpah” and will
  • The astonishing achievements of Israel in innovation despite its limited size and population
  • How military service adds to the capabilities of those who choose to be entrepreneurs
  • His struggle associated with the United States nuclear deal with Iran
  • His personal entrepreneurial experiences

Here are some of our favoritequotes from the interview:

  • Ron Dermer On Israel’s entrepreneurism: Israel has more companies listed on NASDAQ that any other country other than the United States and China. Israel has more patents than than Russia, China and India combined.”
  • Ron Dermer On the secret for Israel’s success: “Israel’s secret ingredients are genius, capital and the third ingredient – and that is “Chutzpah” – gall, daring, challenging the conventional wisdom.”
  • Ron Dermer on The Israeli entrepreneur: “We have the attitude that just because Apple or Microsoft or Cisco or Intel has a great idea, doesn’t mean that four guys in an apartment somewhere can’t come up with a better idea. And to say I can succeed where others failed.”

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