Importance of Being Regularly Unavailable as A Leader

Are You Always Available?

Nobody wants to work for or with a leader who is always unavailable and has her/his calendar blocked, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a leader who is always accessible.

There should be times in your week, and probably every day, where you are simply unavailable (aka off the grid). If you think that’s impossible, just start with an hour a day. Then you can increase to the level that’s best for you and your job.

“Make it part of your day.” 

Things to do during that time

It’s in this time when you’re unavailable you should:

  • Write your messages or your next talk.
  • Do your best thinking.
  • Move through long term planning and goal setting.
  • Tackle that big project that requires concentration.
  • Prep for upcoming meetings and presentations.
  • Work on a fresh strategy.
  • Read, reflect and plan.

Basically, these should be pockets of time where you work on it, not in it. And you need to work that into your system. Why?

Well, this is where your best work will get done, where your breakthroughs happen. When your best ideas surface.

This really comes into play especially when you are balancing time for family. Getting work done at work, means you are able to be fully available for things outside of work. 





Sources used:  Carey Nieuwhof

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