We Know It’s Hard To Pause Your Business (and dreams)

It’s only a pause – and how you focus on your core will be what enables you to pursue your business and dreams going forward.

You have so much passion. You have so many hopes and dreams. You even finally developed a plan and resources to make it happen. But a virus was not in your plan. So now what?

The company needs your laser focus and leadership. While it is of course difficult to put aside the next great thing, your job now is to lead your company through this crisis.

“We WILL get through this together.” 

Frankly, any time you spend on “what might’ve been” is a waste of your time and bad leadership. All of your time and energy must be spent dealing with the critical elements of your plan – revenue and and expenses and cash.

We know it’s a hard thing to swallow. But the reality is that your dream only becomes a reality when you lead your company through this crisis. Focus on the core and when you emerge from all this, you can turn your attention back to your dream.

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