Manage Your Team – Process and Metrics

Your employees need to be laser focused right now.

To execute a plan that has so many moving parts, you will need the best of your team. To get that best, especially in this time of uncertainty, you need to give them the roadmap to align their effort:

  • Goals: be very specific about the goals and deliverables you need them to achieve.
  • Regular Check Ins – At Least Weekly: to stay on course, you need to get all your resources together once a week to check in with the plan. If multiple people have pieces of the plan, use this meeting to check against progress, solve problems and make sure everyone is on track.
  • One Page Weekly Summary Communication: a one pager which outlines what is going on in the company.

“We WILL get through this together.” 

    • Clear Metrics and Reports: everyone needs to see exactly where the team is against the plan. In every check in each team member needs to come with a snapshot of where they are against the plan
    • Project Management: you need to make your plan a reality using project management tools. We recommend ASANA – a simple way to create a plan, assign tasks and execute to it.

    You need these processes in order to keep your plan on track.

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