You Want To Believe

Every day there are a hundred of issues that come across our desk that we know we need to solve. Against better judgement, we start to think that the options in front of us – an employee you may hire, a vendor you may select, an investor you may take money from—fits your needs even though in your heart of hearts you know you are making a bad decision. The pressure we’re under makes it very difficult to distinguish between the right and wrong solutions to our needs.
We are under pressure. We have limited time and resources. We want customers. We want money. We want people. We want investors. Nope. We need customers. We need money. We need people. We need investors. Gaining market acceptance is key to our success. Forging relationships with key employees, vendors and investors is critical. When we interact with the market, interview an employee, evaluate a vendor or present to an investor, we want—sorry, need—things to move in a positive direction. We want to believe that the customer, employee, vendor or investor sitting in front of us wants to do business with us or is right for our business.

“We WILL be there with you every step of the way.” 

For entrepreneurs, the early stages of building a business are particularly challenging, simply because you lack resources, established customers, relationships, capital and employees. But in the end, your perspective is everything: you can choose to ignore harmful deficits and continue to “want to believe.”

To believe that the employee is right. To believe that the vendor will perform. To believe that the investor will fund. To believe that the customer will sign on. Or you can acknowledge this ineffectual perspective and turn the temptation to look the other way, or see what you want to see, into a chance to involve your entire team in better decision-making. You want to believe.

The sooner you realize this about yourself, the sooner you can address this natural tendency and turn a frustration into a win.

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