Take an Objective Step Back

You absolutely must find time to evaluate your life. Being an entrepreneur can be a stressful and all-encompassing endeavor. Many entrepreneurs have started their venture only to look back and say “where did my life go?” There must be time (often with a glass or two of bourbon) for you to reflect, think about the big picture and evaluate your personal goals. Not having this time to reflect can be damaging. The problem is, entrepreneurs often feel compelled to investigate their personal life only when things go wrong — at the busiest, most inopportune moments in the middle of the busi­ness day. This is precisely the time not to do it.

“We WILL get through this together.” 

When entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed, the gears come to a stop. Running in quicksand becomes walking in quicksand, and then sinking in quick­sand. When this happens, for some reason it causes many of us to use this as an opportunity to evaluate our lives. Maybe because we’ve come to a grinding halt, we think it is time to ask:

What am I doing? I have no life. I never sleep. I don’t talk about anything but this busi­ness. Everyone thinks I am crazy. I never go out. I haven’t been on a date in months, my wife/husband/children are going to forget my name soon, I’ve forgotten what the outside my office looks like. My friends have given up on me.

Meanwhile, work piles up like a multiple vehicle car crash and your employees or your cat (if you’re working solo) begin to wonder what’s going on.

While you shouldn’t evaluate the meaning of your life every day, you must put aside time to do it on a regular basis. To check in with yourself, set aside a time for two hours every other week­end either alone, or with someone you trust who is not involved in the business. You want to reflect when no one is watching. This is a time not to be on stage and to be candid with yourself about where you are.

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