Problems With Chasing Every Customer

  • First – you have limited resources and your scarcest resource is time. Every minute you spend on one activity is a minute you don’t spend on another
  • Second – every new type of customer you chase requires you to learn the market, find those customers, create the right marketing message, hire people with market knowledge and develop credibility in that market. Doing that for one type of customer is hard enough. Trying to do it for multiple customer types is impossible.
  • Third – it is natural that you will encounter resistance from customers, especially if you are doing something new. It will take time to learn how to overcome objections or to help customers understand the value of your offering. If you are not committed to a path, you are likely to turn to another path when you do encounter the resistance as opposed to creatively working through it and learning what you need to know about that market segment and how to tailor your approach to the market. Going after every customer opportunity, or market segment, or responding to the inquiry of the day, seems like the fastest path to revenue, but often can be a real distraction from gaining traction in a market.

Focus on specific customer and go deep.

Pick a market and go after it. Debate with your team and advisors what that market should be. But once you decide what it is, learn as much as you can about it and be committed to making a name for yourself in it.

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