Competition Is Everywhere

In this day and age no matter what your product or service is, you have competition. It may be across the street or it may be across the globe. But it exists. Your success will depend on how well you differentiate yourself from it.

“Be realistic about your competition.” 

Believing There Is No Competition.

Everyone has competition. In a complex global economy with increasingly sophisticated technology, competition can occur almost immediately and from any corner of the world. If you or your company believe that you have no competition, or that no one can do what you do, you risk being viewed by vendors, investors and other needed resources, as naïve, inexperienced and ill-equipped to face the realities of doing business in today’s world. Instead of strengthening the position of your vision, you risk being perceived as blind, whether by ignorance or ego, or simply the strain of the pressure, passion, pleasure and pain. You become a risk, rather than a risk worth taking. Investors engage leaders who acknowledge, embrace, and strive to overcome the competition. Your ability to see reality must be as strong as your original vision if you want to bring it to life. Don’t run from or ignore competition. Acknowledge it, embrace it and take it head on with your best.

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