In the chaotic world of entrepreneurship, it is rare that entrepreneurs assess how they work, and how they organize and execute their days. We are often running from fire to fire and don’t think about the ways we can be more efficient, more balanced, more rested and more effective.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability to read and understand your own emotions as well as others’ emotions in the context of a particular situation to maximize the result. It’s not enough to build a product or service and execute sales, manage your marketing and operations. You must also manage the constant human interactions you will have with employees, consultants, vendors, investors, customers and others. The success of these interactions determines how easy and effective—painful or painless—meeting your company’s business goals and your personal goals will be.

“Emotional intelligence is about applying the right approach for a particular individual, in a particular moment.”

Emotional intelligence is about applying the right approach for a particular individual, in a particular moment. This means reading the person, the scene, and anticipating how it will play out. Improving your emotional intelligence is a lifelong endeavor. It requires you to nurture many perspectives including:

  • Being aware of your emotions and their effects
  • Regulating those emotions
  • Understanding your motivations and the motivations of others
  • Empathizing with and respecting the feelings and perspectives of others
  • Effectively using different communication styles in different situations.

We must develop this skill to better understand, empathize and negotiate with other people.

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