Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

Creating shareable content on your social media platforms has a massive impact on engagement. When your audience is able to relate to your content and encourage action, you’re much more likely to improve engagement rates and traffic. Your audience followed you because you provide them with relevant content that they find value in – you should keep this in mind with all of the content that you post.

Social media platforms control their coding very tightly, so creating clickable images are not an option. However, you can easily share links that can help to direct customer traffic to your website.

Post content that drives interaction.”

Three Tactics for Increasing Clicks on your Social Media Posts:

Offer Relevant Content – When your content is relevant to your audience and helps them to solve a problem or address one of their needs, they will be more likely to engage with it and share it. Ultimately, your followers have followed you because your business offers them something that they connect with. Thus, all of your content should be created to reflect and honor this. There are very few social media users willing to engage with pages and profiles that simply exist to push sales and one-sided promotional content. Consider providing quick tips or suggestions, offering entertainment value, or creating inspiring image quotes that will not only increase your brand awareness but also resonate with your audience. Your audience base must continue to grow if you want to increase your brand awareness. As if it doesn’t, no one else would be aware that your business exists, which could end up losing you money in the long run. If you would like an easy and effective method to get instagram followers then check out a service like Social Follow to see how this can be done.

Use Appealing Images – Images are crucial to any social media campaign, particularly if the objective is to increase audience interaction. Posts that feature pictures or graphics are proven to increase audience attention and generate their engagement. Given the thousands of posts that are made every day on social media platforms, it’s extremely important to stand out in any way you can. Bright, colorful, visually-appealing imagery is more likely to grab your audience’s attention. Simply adding images into your social media campaigns won’t cut it – your images must not only be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, but they also need to inspire action.

Feature a Strong Call-To-Action (CTA) – Being direct with your audience and telling them exactly what you want them to do is surprisingly effective: tell them to visit your website, click on the link, and encourage them to share. Additionally, you can ask users to answer a question or post a poll requesting their opinion – people tend to value sharing their opinions and will often do so