Celebrate Your Wins No Matter How Small or Big

Celebrate your wins

There are many times during the meeting, the hour, the day, the week, and the month that you will get punched in the face. At early stages, wins tend to be small and incremental. Nonetheless, celebrate them. At the same time, be prepared that when the wins come, they naturally raise issues and concerns.

“With wins and successes come concerns and doubts.” 

We work very hard every single day to make progress. When we make progress, we expose weaknesses. The questions that come with the evolution of a business are natural. The immaturity of your business gets exposed. While the business challenges that arise can be difficult, the greater challenge is what this dynamic does to our psyche and the psyche of our organization if we don’t handle it properly.

Your perspective on this is critical. Even though there is pleasure and pain at almost every turn, you must move the organization onward and upward. You must celebrate wins. You must appreciate being challenged because it means you are successful enough to be growing. Investors, customers and employees are attentive to your venture because you are bringing something that is valuable to them. Don’t forget that. Make sure you and your team take time to remember the alternative: sitting in your bedroom writing business plans no one cares enough about to create problems for you.

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