Best Sales Materials For Selling Your Product

In the early stages of a business, you often have two simultaneous problems that affect the efficiency of your sales process. First, it is often the founder or management team that are the only ones that understand the nuances of your market. Second, because you are arguably providing a unique product or service, your target market or the use of your product or service may be undefined. As a result of these two factors, you must create a set of standard sales materials that embodies the founder’s knowledge and defines the market.

“The goal of these standard materials is to cover 90 percent of the process so you don’t feel like you are reinventing the wheel each time.”

Introductory E-Mail. Craft an e-mail that all salespeople use as part of the selling process.

PowerPoint Presentation. This 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation is the core selling tool you use.

Sell Sheets. A series of one page (front only or front and back) that digs deeper into your product or service.

Standard Proposal and Pricing Sheet. Develop a standard proposal and pricing sheet that can be used for every sales opportunity.

Supporting Presentations. In the same manner you create supporting Sell Sheets, you may need to develop additional supporting presentations on areas that customers expect additional depth. For example, if you are a technology company, you may be asked about privacy and security enough that it may be worthwhile to create a standard presentation.

FAQs. Develop the responses to a set of frequently asked questions. This can help you have a standard way to overcome objections by having the organization’s best thought embodied in FAQs.

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