Make Decisions in the Best Interest of the Business

It’s common to assume that everyone who is part of your team is on the same page and is equally aligned to the business. You very quickly come to realize that for the most part everyone really wants what’s in their best interest – employees want, customers want, investors want, board members want, friends and family want. With so many competing priorities, you assume that when you’re making decisions left and right, it’s in the company’s best interest. However, unless you have made that very clear with all constituents of the company, you will constantly be battling the wants and needs of everyone else except the interests of the business.

“It is necessary to set this standard” 

Employees, investors, vendors, consultants, and Board members all want something different, something specific to them. To unify these often-competing needs and perspectives, emphasize that decisions will be made in the best interest of the business.

By establishing this principle, you set criteria for decision-making that everyone understands, and is expected to share. This will serve you well in a variety of situations, including employee compensation, vendor negotiations, or internal conflicts such as disagreement between employees, necessary disciplinary actions, or employee complaints of unfair treatment.

You will not be able to please everyone. You will learn a lot about people and their motivations. Address your standard early and often so that all your resources understand that if they put their needs above your business’s best interest, they are not violating some idea you invented yesterday as an excuse or justification. They are violating a fundamental tenet of the business.

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