There are so many times when things seem impossible—times when you don’t have the resources, money or wherewithal to accomplish the things you need to make the business successful.

When building a company, you don’t have the resources—financial or human—to do things the way you would like to. There will be times when your chance of success with a customer, vendor, investor or employee seem slim. Sometimes you lose opportunities simply because you aren’t established. There are often real reasons why you can’t achieve something. You don’t have the money, resources, experience, capital, partners, team members, investors, facilities, capacity, technology—the list goes on.

One of the core beliefs you need to practice daily should be the faith or confidence that “there is always a way.”

Entrepreneurs have access to creativity that can energize a business. Don’t be deterred by the fact that there isn’t an established path. Many great ideas and visions buck the trend. Amazon told us we would never buy a book in a store again. It’s your innate ability to see things differently and try different approaches that is one of your greatest skills. These are the same skills that allow you to mastermind creative solutions when it does not seem like there are any.

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