Use The Community to Help Entrepreneurs & Earn Income

Are you a coach or advisor to entrepreneurs? Or a workspace, accelerator or incubator? Or someone with a network of entrepreneurs? Our Affiliate Program offers you recurring revenue and a ready-made platform to help entrepreneurs with the business and personal issues we all face. Our Affiliate Program is a win for you and your entrepreneurs:

  • For You: our Community Membership provides you with a turn-key, scalable platform to offer your entrepreneurs. When one buys a Membership, you earn up to 20% of the price (paid in 30 days)

  • For Entrepreneurs: a single destination of solutions to the personal and business issues all entrepreneurs face with 150 online learning modules, a community, daily reminders and live conversations with Michael Dermer

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  • You apply as an Affiliate (including Your PayPal Account) and we approve you as an Affiliate.

  • We send you login details and access to the Admin site where you access your Affiliate Link and information about purchases and commissions.

  • You offer the Community to your entrepreneurs.

  • If an entrepreneur clicks on your Affiliate Link and purchases within one year, we pay you a commission to your PayPal account 30 days after we are paid.

  • Your sales are tracked in our Affiliate Program and can be accessed via your Admin site.

Who Should Be an Affiliate

  • Coaches, Consultants and Advisors to Entrepreneurs

  • Work spaces, incubators and accelerators

  • Leaders of social media groups, meetups and communities for entrepreneurs

  •  Individuals With Relationships with Entrepreneurs

  • Individuals Looking to Help Entrepreneurs and Earn Additional Income

Affiliate Agreement

All affiliates are governed by the terms and conditions of our Affiliate Agreement. Click here to view.

Getting Started and Being an Affiliate

Once you have been approved and received your Affiliate Link, follow these steps to get started:

  • Visit log in and click on “Admin”

  •  In the “Admin” link, you can access: 

    • Affiliate Details (your commission, etc.)

    • Affiliate Link (which provides your unique Affiliate Link you need to use when you market)

    • Transactions (purchases for which you earn commissions)

    • Payout Details (when and how much you have been paid)