Use The Community to Help Entrepreneurs & Earn Income

Are you a coach or advisor to entrepreneurs? Or a workspace, accelerator or incubator? Or someone with a network of entrepreneurs? Our Affiliate Program offers you recurring revenue and a ready-made platform to help entrepreneurs with the business and personal issues we all face. Our Affiliate Program is a win for you and your entrepreneurs:

  • For You: our Community Membership provides you with a turn-key, scalable platform to offer your entrepreneurs. When one buys a Membership, you earn up to 20% of the price (paid in 30 days)

  • For Entrepreneurs: a single destination of solutions to the personal and business issues all entrepreneurs face with 150 online learning modules, a community, daily reminders and live conversations with Michael Dermer

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  • You apply as an Affiliate (including Your PayPal Account) and we approve you as an Affiliate.

  • We send you login details and access to the Admin site where you access your Affiliate Link and information about purchases and commissions.

  • You offer the Community to your entrepreneurs.

  • If an entrepreneur clicks on your Affiliate Link and purchases within one year, we pay you a commission to your PayPal account 30 days after we are paid.

  • Your sales are tracked in our Affiliate Program and can be accessed via your Admin site.

Who Should Be an Affiliate