No One Said Being an Entrepreneur Was Fair

This is as unfair as it gets. You put in the money, strain your personal life (if you have one), deplete your finances (if you still have any), strain your relationships (if you have any), cry, drink, don’t sleep, don’t go out on dates and spend every waking moment on the business. Is anyone else willing to make the sacrifices you make every day? So if your company is struggling, or not progressing as quickly as you would like, whose fault is it? Yours. Yep, even when you work the hardest. You care the most. You put in the most hours. You are the most dedicated. You are the most passionate. It is your fault. No one said being an entrepreneur was fair.

“Accept this truth, and it will set you free.” 

The Real Cause

Want to know the cause? You may be ticking off a hundred reasons in your head as you read this sentence, but ultimately, there is only one, and that is You. Why? In addition to being the most dedicated, you are also the most emotional, the most tired, the most reactive, the most frustrated, the most (insert what you are feeling right now). You get the picture.

The pressure, emotion and intensity of being the entrepreneur is often accompanied by a lack of perspective, and a failure to apply to your own behavior a set of basic principles that will prevent a chaotic business environment. The same drive, self-assurance, and creativity that enable you to create a vision, are often the same characteristics that prevent you from bringing that vision to life.

Isn’t that a relief ? You thought you had hundreds of problems to fix and you only have one—You. At first glance, this may seem like a huge slap in the face. On the contrary, it is the realization that will unlock your potential and create new skills and opportunities to move your business forward.

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