3 Unbeatable Ways To Improve Communication In The Workplace

Communication in the workplace is sometimes very chaotic. Think of all the email, text messages and other communications that fly back and forth throughout the day.

Not only is it hard to keep track of it all. It is even more difficult to make sure that the information and messages that are coming through are consistent with the messages you want to portray.

While communication may not be at the top of your list, it certainly affects everything you do. Companies that communicate well have a much better chance for success. In this article, we will show you five unbeatable ways to improve communication in the workplace.

Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace

Think of your organization as a piece of clay. It will take shape based on many factors, including the manner in which you organize the methods, frequency and content of your communications and once it takes shape, it will be difficult to reshape the clay.

Effective communication in the workplace ensures that you create concise messaging to explain the company’s products and services to prospects and customers. It also ensures consistent communications among your employees, advisors and investors.

As an entrepreneur or business leader, it is your duty to set the tone in your organization and keep constituents aligned and motivated. Through effective communication, you can keep everyone on the same page and work towards your shared goals.

How To Improve Communication In The Workplace

Establishing a standard process for communication helps to keep various constituents informed and brings consistency to your messages. For example:

1. Have Regular Meetings

Creating a regular meeting structure is essential to managing a company in a chaotic entrepreneurial environment. Get in the habit of having a standing meeting at regular intervals (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly) that is the primary forum for communication. The answer to most ad hoc emails and communications should be “unless this is urgent, let’s put this on the agenda for the xxx meeting.”

2. Make Use of Internal Social Networks

Use social media to your advantage by encouraging employees to connect through an internal social media system or through private groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. When used correctly, these tools can create a sense of cohesiveness and camaraderie while allowing teams to connect on a different level.

3. One on Ones.

If you have multiple people in your company, it is important to have regular one on ones scheduled. Even if you work together all day long, put some time on the books each week to sit down and keep grounded and focused. This regularity creates familiarity and structure that will serve you well.

Improving Communication In The Workplace

When communicating with your employees, advisors or investors you should always speak with confidence, Use “we” instead of “I” and avoid cockiness. There are times people do business with you because of your business value. There are other times they do business with you because they like you.

Communication in the workplace is all about consistency. You should always aim to establish a process for your communications so that your organization and its constituents stay informed and aligned.

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