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Podcast #1104: Interview with Pejman Ghadimi - Founder of Secret Entourage The Lonely Entrepreneur

Pejman Ghadimi  speaks about his entrepreneurial roots in Iran, his early success in finance and the passion and drive to overcome a lack of education and resources to create success in media, publishing, luxury cars, luxury lifestyle and living a more fulfilling life.

In this episode, Michael Dermer interviews Pejman Ghadimi – Founder of Secret Entourage, a branding and digital marketing firm that specializes in branding, marketing, entrepreneurial coaching and corporate leadership/service training.  Since its launch, Secret Entourage has expanded its reach to over 1,200,000 new individuals each month and has grown as an accepted brand in the business and lifestyle community. Secret Entourage has also helped unify accredited Entrepreneurs with the mission of bringing back the true meaning of entrepreneurship. In 2012, Pejman authored Third Circle Theory, Gen Y’s blueprint to Entrepreneurship which had sold over 50,000 copies by mid 2013. Pejman is also the owner and founder of VIPMotoring.net, a unique luxury lifestyle concierge service which currently was said to be “one of the best sources of education for today’s modern millionaires” by Forbes in 2012. Pejman shares his views on:

  • watching his mother become a successful entrepreneur in Iran only to leave it all behind to come to the United States
  • how he overcame a lack of educational background and financial resources growing up to launch several successful businesses
  • how he started a career at the age of 18 at a financial institution only to quickly rise to the level of VP
  • how his entrepreneurial spirit compelled him to leave that success to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams
  • how he founded three successful businesses with a combined annual revenues over $40M
  • how his mission drives his daily fulfillment

Quote of Note:

“Self-honesty is the best way to ensure that you have a long lasting business career.”

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