Summary Program Results

Entrepreneurs Enrolled
Learning Modules Completed
Videos Watched
Contribution Rate
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Individual Achievements

  • Increased Sales 43%

  • Hired New Team

  • Reduced Launch Time 56%

  • Saved $50K in Expenses

  • Completed 100% of Learning Modules

  • Youngest (16) Ever to Complete 100%

  • Reduced Expenses by $230,000

  • Increased Sales 34%

  • Successfully split with co-founder

  • Achieved break even

  • Business plan and model in 30 days

  • $67,000 Reduction of Technology Costs

  • 24% Increase In Sales

  • 44% Increase in Production

  • Go to Market Strategy in 30 Days

  • Evaluation of US Market Entry

What other entrepreneurs think about the Learning Community?

Joshua N.

Just finished the courses in the Community. Overall, this was amazing. The material was outstanding. My favorite section was “people” because that’s where I learned the most. But, there were so many resources, which was what made this great. The documents and spreadsheets were a valuable addition to the sections. Thank you so much for creating this. I was always searching for the best books for entrepreneurs until I found The Lonely Entrepreneur.

Janice R.

I wish found you a year ago. There we so many mistakes that I made trying to figure everything out on my own. I knew I had a good idea – but it was so hard to figure out the most important things to do.  Once I came across your perspective of the day and then the Community, it all started to make sense.  The daily perspectives are my first read of the day and their entrepreneur podcasts get into the real stuff that we all go through as entrepreneurs trying to make it each day.

Michelle S.

I get so much advice from friends and family that just don’t understand. Being an entrepreneur seems sexy, but being a success as an entrepreneur is different. I wish that I could share your perspective with so many of my friends and fellow entrepreneurs. I read the daily perspectives every day and the Community is a constant guide for me when I look for answers.  We all have our entrepreneur ideas, but without a roadmap like the Community it is hard to connect the dots.

Jane T.

I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. Most of the time I am just looking through entrepreneur quotes and trying to see how to apply them to my business. I’m very happy that I came across this during my hunt for something concerning this. I feel like I have a better chance of success as an entrepreneur thanks to what I learn here.

Robert S.

You have become my morning coffee and my afternoon snack. Every morning at 9 a.m. I get the daily perspective. It is obvious that you guys know what it is like to be in our shoes as entrepreneurs. And each afternoon I take a few minutes to go through a lesson in the Community. The organization of the Community is great and it really helps me understand the different elements of a business and how it all first together. I used to turn to so many entrepreneur books and now TLE is my go to resource.

Ayala V.

When I read “passion and grit is not enough” I thought to myself, “these guys really understand.” It really is as you say “about being a better entrepreneur each day.” I feel like I now have a sidekick that gives me a better chance to create a business that can be my career and lead to the lifestyle and independence I want.  It’s one thing to work hard. It’s another to feel like everything is making sense and your effort is all going in the right direction.  I feel like my chances of success as an entrepreneur go up every day because of The Lonely Entrepreneur.


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