Your Problems Are the Same as Every Entrepreneur’s

The Implications

When entrepreneurs believe their issues are unique, they shun support and direction from experienced business people offering valuable advice. They believe they are operating under a different set of parameters. As a result, they isolate themselves and hunker down in their perspective. It’s a bunker mentality. As more people try to help, they feel more isolated and hunker down further.

“Same problems exist in virtually every newly launched venture.” 

Strategies to Shift this Perspective

Accepting this perspective allows you to start implementing basic business tools that help all businesses run well.

  • Create Building Blocks. Setting priorities, creating process, making communications efficient—basic building blocks that advance all businesses and will help do so for yours.
  • Advice from Others. You will start to see advice in a different light. You may still be thinking: “That advice makes sense for most businesses, but our problems are unique, different.” But if you stop and take notice, you’ll see far more similarity than difference in the problems you’re facing. Take advantage of that shared knowledge. It enables targeted support and advice from other entrepreneurs who have been in the same trenches as you. You welcome advice and can take advantage of the wisdom of others.
  • Benefit from Experience. Others have been exactly where you are now, and where you will be in two weeks, worried about an upcoming investor meeting. Let their experience help you prep for the unknowns you’re facing. It will save you valuable time and energy that you can put toward keeping your product and vision unique rather than wasting time defending your experience as unique.
  • No More Bunker Mentality. When you understand that you are part of a community with shared experiences, it changes your point of view from a bunker mentality to, “How can I interact with and learn from others who have these experiences?” It helps you get you out of your bunker and into the light.

Your vision is unique. Your problems are not. Once you accept this, you have a much better chance of bringing that vision to life with a strong business foundation under it.

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