The Brutal Truth

What I am about to tell you is as unfair as it gets. You put in the money, strain your personal life (if you have one), deplete your finances (if you still have any), strain your relationships (if you have any), cry, drink, don’t sleep, don’t date and spend every waking moment on the business. Is anyone else willing to make the sacrifices you make every day? So if your company is struggling, or not progressing as quickly as you would like, whose fault is it?
Yours. Yep, even when you work the hardest. You care the most. You put in the most hours. You are the most dedicated. You are the most passionate. It is your fault. No one said being an entrepreneur was fair.

“Success of your business starts with you.” 

Accept The Brutal Truth

Bottom line—it is your job to fix these issues. You are the leader, and must manage the chaos, whether it is the pressure, passion, pleasure or pain, a lack of experience or a lack of perspective doesn’t matter. It is your job to fix it. But while you’re doing hard work, remember that you are the greatest tool you have to transform chaos into order and to bring your vision to life—and to see it grow successfully.

Don’t look at this as fixing something that is wrong with you. It’s natural that you are in over your head. Being an entrepreneur is a humbling experience. Your friends say to you, “You get to be your own boss.” You think to yourself, “It must be cool to make the donuts at Dunkin Donuts.” Accepting that your company is flailing because of you is a tough pill to swallow, but once you take the medicine, and put the job of “learner” on your resume, you can do great things. Accept this truth, and it will set you free.

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